Best Nail Dust Collector – Our Top 5 Picks

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A perfectly polished nail is the epitome of neatness and beauty, but you might have encountered some concerns, specifically on nail dust, but having the nails done. The mess of the nail dust may create an eyesore and annoyance. But don’t fret for there is a wide array of nail dust collectors in the market that you can pick in order to do the job of sucking the nail dust that remains in the nail and surrounding it.

Let us take a glance at the different nail dust extractors that may be categorized as the best in the market.

Best Nail Dust Collectors of 2023

Makartt Rechargeable Nail Dust Collector with Reusable Filter

This one has been categorized as a powerful suction dust cleaner machine for a manicure.  It has the efficiency of having a hundred percent vacuum effect which will make the customer not inhale some dust nail particles. In comparison with other nail dust collectors out there which have only the capability of vacuum effect up to about 70-80%. Using a Nail Dust Collector Vacuum 80W with a nail drill will ensure that there will be no nail dust that will fly ash on the thin air.

The nail dust produced due to the use of nail files as well as a buffer, polishing nails, or a nail drill may be captured by the strong fan of the nail dust collector.


Powerful Suction

With eight exhaust ports, you can be assured that it has the efficiency of collecting the present nail dust, and it has a wave nail dust collector filter. The amazing part is that it controls the nail dust’s direction. Maintaining the neatness of the nails and of the manicure workplace by making it dust-free is possible through the use of this machine.


Cimenn Professional 3-in-1 Nail Dust Collector for Acrylic Nails (Features: Nail Dust Extraction for UV Gel Nail Dryer Lamp, Nail Dust Collector Machiner, and an Electric Nail Sander)

Why settle for one when you can have three? This is among the incredible nail dust collector apparatuses available in the market. It is considered as a machine that is three in one wherein in just a single machine it has three amazing features such as nail lighting, nail polishing, and nail vacuuming. The most amazing part is that each feature is detachable and be used independently.

Be awed by the Cimenn 3-in-1 Nail Dust Collector, for it has a nail dust collector, a filter, a drill, an LED light, and a robust cable. It is also very practical to use for it has a foot pedal that can help you control it’s on and off button whenever you have your hands full and busy.

It’s lightweight which makes it very easy to carry and move around the salon, and the best part is that it has 2 USB power supplies that you can use for an LED-lighting power supply and for your charging needs. It is convenient and practical, and surely it will give your customer an awesome salon experience.


Pasomlin Nail Salon Dust Collector with Powerful 40W Fan

Get more salon appointments with this Pasomlin Nail Dust Collector at the soonest time possible. It does not only ensure a hundred percent vacuum effect, but it also comes with a guarantee that there will be no dust spilling. What makes it an excellent product is it has a powerful 40W fan that has a 4500 RPM speed rotation that will prevent the dust from spilling over or from flying out.



It is considered a healthy alternative for it will prevent you and your customers from dust inhalation. It may also prevent the technician from contracting any health issue, especially lung disease, whenever they are exposed to making nail art or manicures.

Reusable Filter

It has a reusable filter, and you can have it cleaned up not through the use of water but by blowing it with the hairdryer.


The design actually provides strong heat dissipation and prolongs its time span.


Belle Powerful Professional Nail Dust Collector

Your customers will surely be relaxed in your salon is dust-free and that will be free from inhaling nail dust. With this professional Belle product, a Powerful Nail Dust Collector will surely give your salon that ambiance. It has a detachable filter that’s automobile-quality and a powerful fan that has 4000 RPM ensuring that dust will not be scattered or spilled.

Making a “comfy” feeling in a salon is possible with this machine, for it has a hand-rest design. It has an on and off switch and an over-voltage protection function. It also has an LED indicator. The stainless steel surface of the machine is easy to keep clean, for it can easily be cleaned up.


KADS Adjustable Nail Dust Collector Suction Fan with 2 Dust Collecting Bags

Give your customers the relaxation they need when they have their nails done by ensuring that the air is free from any nail dust and some “loud noise” created by a nail dust collector machine. Since the KADS Adjustable Nail Dust Collector is installed with a quiet engine, it produces a “low noise.” Thereby it will keep the quietness of the salon while the strong adjustable fans with a 3600 RPM speed will keep the nail dust at bay and maintain the neatness of the place. The speed can be controlled according to your needs.

It has two dust bags that can easily fit over the fan output, and it is reusable so the bags can be changed and washed. The two bags are given for free and can continuously be used several times.

It is also considered practical for you can use it for filing, polishing nails, and nail art. It will surely give your salon an atmosphere of total relaxation and a feeling of being in a “high-end” salon.


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