Best Dust Extractors with Auto Start

What is the fuss of having a dust extractor in your workplace, in your home, or in your workshop? Those who have been using it for ages already know the importance of having a dust extractor. Simply it is the sure way of having a clean and dust-free workplace that will be safer for you. It is also beneficial for your machinery to have those dust and shavings removed. In fact, if you are running your machinery without a dust extractor, it might even affect its warranty, for it is part of its warranty to have a dust extractor.

There could be zillion reasons for having a dust extractor, especially if your place needs it. In the lane of dust extractors in the market, you can find dust extraction features which make extraction convenient and one of which is the feature of an auto-start. Let us have a quick shopping glance at these top dust extractors.

Bosch Dust Extractor with HEPA Filter

Check out this dust extractor, for it has an automatic function and is compatible with any other powerful activations. It is making dust extraction less burdensome. It can deliver superb performance with its air volume of 150 CFM ensures that it can suck around 99.9% of the tiny dust particles.

It has an end-to-end dust collection and with HEPA filter, which can take 0.3 microns. Amazingly the dust extractor “king” cleans every 15 seconds and has a filter bag for its optimal repression.

You will surely be tossing it around in different areas of your workplace, for it has towing wheels, thereby making it very mobile.

DC50AUTO High Filtration Vacuum Extractor with Auto Start, 50L Capacity

This dust extractor is one of those that is hard to ignore, especially with its auto start features. Imagine the convenience of dust extraction without the fuss and the hassle of manually doing it. With the auto-start, you can easily use the dust extractor by plugging your power tool in the integral three-pin plug socket and have it set to auto-start function.

Amazingly it will automatically start once your power tools start working, and when the power tools stopped working, it will still continue to run for a few seconds to clear any remnants of chips and dust in the hose.

This dust extractor that has a high filtration vacuum is ideal for the small workshop as it is perfect for the miter saw, or band saw. The benchtop machinery and power tools in your workshop will perfectly complement this dust extractor which has the capability of producing a high volume of air. The power tools that you have can be easily used with the dust extractor diameter hose. It has two stages of filtration that have the capability of cleaning the air particles up to 0.5 microns.

If you a small workshop with a tight space, you can surely appreciate the compact design of this machine. It can easily be stored by just keeping it underneath a bench.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT Max Dust Extractor

Easiness in dust extraction is what you can expect from this dust extractor which has an automatic filter cleaning. You can operate it with the wireless tool control and can easily be combined with the other systems provided it is T- tack compatible. It can deliver efficient performance with the maximum tools of 20v.

An air volume of 125 CFM and HEPA filtration ensures the efficiency of the equipment to suck tiny dust particles and microbes into the air.

It will perfectly fit the small workshop space for it has a compact design, and it’s lightweight. Its portability will make dust extraction less hassle, for you can easily move it around your place or where you wanted to have the dust extraction.

Pulse-Bac Dust Extractor

Time is ticking, and you know how important time is, and surely having this dust extractor can make you save a great deal of time for it has an automatic function. Just simply switch it on, and the machine will do the job. There is no manual operation that is needed except for the act of switching it on.

It has a single-stage filtration with HEPA filters that has the capability of sucking tiny particles and microbes. Its cleaning efficiency comes with a convenient design that does need or require buttons, blowers, compressors, and shakers. This is perfect for your shop as it is good for miter saws, hand grinders, and floor grinders.

Makita XCV08Z

Technology had greatly improved the way people live, and this dust extractor will make it even better. It has an auto-start feature that can be activated through the use of Bluetooth technology. It uses an Auto-Start Wireless System that connects the power tools to the dust extractor through Bluetooth technology for the wireless switching on and off of the machine.

It can continuously run for about 75 minutes when it is set for a low setting, but if it is in a high setting, it can run up to 40 minutes. Its speed, power, and run-time are being powered by the Brushless Motor. It uses 18v LXT Lithium-ion batteries.

Three stages of filtration and with HEPA filter ensures the efficiency of capturing the dust particles and microbes in the air. It has a filter cleaning system that has been specifically designed to ensure optimal suction efficiency.

It is ideal for home use for it has an air volume of 74 CFM. For hard-to-reach areas and fast clean-ups, you can definitely rely on this machine, for it has an Anti-Static hose that gives you the needed extended reach.

Something to consider before making the purchase

There you have it, guys, the top line of dust extractors with auto-start in the market, but before making the impulsive purchase, there are things that you must consider in picking the dust extractor that is right for you.

Cleaning ability

That could be the primary factor that you must look for in a dust extractor which is its ability to meet you’re cleaning requirements. Make a quick assessment as to your intended usage of the dust extractor is it for the purpose of cleaning dry surfaces, wet surfaces, or both. Pick the dust extractor that meets your intended usage and not just settles for the name brand.


You can gauge the dust extractor by the capacity of its waste canister. Settle for a canister that has a large capacity in putting away dust, flotsam, or jetsam. The size of your preferred waste canister entirely depends on the volume of waste or dust that you wanted to get rid of.

Self-cleaning capability

Make a quick check if there is a self-cleaning or programmed channel cleaning system in the dust extractor. The self-cleaning channel will make the job of dust extraction convenient. It will spare a massive amount of time and effort if you have a dust extractor that has a self-cleaning system.

Auto-start feature

We are now in the millennial world where everything is quick, easy, and done with a click. Do not be left behind by using the traditional dust extractor when you can have the dust extractor that has the feature of auto-start. You got the A list of the dust extractors that have an auto-start feature. All you have to do now is make that purchase.