Best Dust Extractors with Bluetooth

Maintaining a workplace that is dust-free is only possible if you have an effective dust extractor. Dust extraction proves to have beneficial effects not only to your health but as well as to the quality of your work. The workplace may be prone to be a fire hazard, for this fine dust may be sucked up by electrical components or may pile up underneath of your machinery, which may be considered as a potential “fire hazard.”

You can have a hassle-free dust extraction in just a matter of a click with the dust extractor with Bluetooth technology. Everything is possible through the use of the power of Bluetooth and dust extractor had kept up with the pace of the changing technology. There is a wide array of dust extractors in the market that is being enabled by Bluetooth.

Festool MINI HEPA Dust Extractor

Innovations are made for the convenience of man, and having a dust extractor that has Bluetooth technology would connote that it is for man’s better convenience. This dust extractor can be activated through the use of a Bluetooth remote control which means that you can operate the equipment even if you are not near the machine.

The housing of this machine is very lightweight, and it is portable of which you can carry or move in any place. The mobility of the equipment will ensure that you will be performing your job better. It ensures a constant suction through its powerful and smooth hose. It has the features of optimized sys-dock, which is equipped with a cardholder. The sustainer is connected with the dust extractor through the t-lock. This makes it possible for you to utilize and operate the container’s volume.

Everything is within your power, for you can even adjust the suction level to meet your needs. But this machine is good only for small or medium waste or dust. You cannot make use of it in an industrial workplace that continuously produces massive waste.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Dust Extractor (DCV585B)

The Tuck-pointing and surfacing applications, when paired with the dust shroud, will make it cost-effective dust extraction. Since it is Bluetooth activated, the wireless tool control allows you to control the wireless on and off the capability of the equipment provided that it is paired with the included remote control or any wireless tool control enabled tool. This would mean that you can use or activate the extractor in a tool or even at a distance.

It has an air volume of 125 CFM that may be good for home use or for small workshops, but it will definitely not be applicable for industrial use. It has functionality that is suited to both wet and dry applications. It has dual filters, which includes HEPA filter, and has the capability for automatic filter cleaning.

Festool 574837 CT MIDI I HEPA Bluetooth Dust Extractor

You might get confused between the Festool CT Mini and CT Midi, for both has mostly the same features and functionalities. It is both integrated with Bluetooth Module for Remote Wireless Activation. However, the Midi is a little bit larger than the CT Mini. Unlike with the Mini, the CT Midi can be switched on automatically through Bluetooth-enabled remote control without the need for retrofitting.

You can control the suction level, the switch on and off through the touch panel control after Bluetooth pairing. Instead of the traditional rotary knobs, touch control is being used. It is for easy operation, especially if one is wearing gloves or there is a debris build-up.

Having Bluetooth technology on the dust extractor surely saves a lot of time and effort. Once the Bluetooth module has been paired with the CT dust extractor on the extractor hose will enable you to control the dust extractor. By simply switching it on, the cordless tool automatically starts the dust extractor.

It may be ideal for small and occasional cleaning purposes and not for industrial ones. It may be suitable for home use or for your small workshop, or any tight place that has a low volume of waste and dust.

The amazing part is that even when the CT dust extractor is in auto mode, you can change it to manual mode. The Bluetooth-enabled remote control makes it possible for you to switch it on or change the mode despite the fact that the dust extractor is on auto mode.

Bosch Dust Extractor with Auto Filter Bluetooth

If you are looking to have a stress-free dust extraction, then you may opt to have the Bosh Dust Extractor, for it has an automatic function. You can enjoy having clean air with a hassle-free mode of extraction. For it has lightweight features that make it easy to carry around and move it into different places where there is a need for dust extraction.

The most amazing part is that it has an onboard cleaning feature that will make extraction convenient as it provides suction efficiency. It can effectively capture around 99.9% of particles through its HEPA filter. The filter is being protected by a fleece filter bag to ensure the optimal containment of dust.

It automatically cleans up every 15 seconds with the maximum suction power, for it has an airflow of 150 CFM. Its suction power includes a power broker dial that is for a powerful application.

Makita XCV08Z 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless Cordless 2.1 Gallon HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor/Vacuum, with AWS, Tool Only


The Makita  XCV08Z keeps up with the pace of Bluetooth technology because it is equipped with an auto-start wireless system that uses Bluetooth technology. The auto-start wireless system makes it possible to switch on or off the equipment through the use of Bluetooth and eliminates any use for cords. The Bluetooth technology is being utilized by the auto-start wireless system for the wireless communication between the tool and the dust extractor.

Additional awesome features of this product are that it has a variable speed control dial, dual-LED Battery indicators that are very visible on top and front of the vacuum. It has an accessible oversized switch for on and off.

It uses two 18V LXT Lithium-ion batteries to deliver an air volume of 74 CFM effectively. Basically, this is perfect for home use. Considering the air volume, you cannot make use of this dust extractor for a large volume of dust.

You can be assured that it has suction power, for it has three-stage HEPA filtration that can effectively suck around particulates and microns of about 3 or larger to 99.97%. To maintain its optimal suction efficiency and prolong the time life of the filter, it is constantly cleaned through its filter cleaning system that is specifically designed for that purpose. There may be times that you need to have fast clean-ups or have areas that are hard to reach, so you can rely on this machine for its anti-static hose will allow for an extended reach that makes you clean up the most difficult areas to clean.

It has a continuous run time of 75 minutes but around 40 minutes if it is set on high setting in low setting. Some of its additional features are the quick-release metal latches, rear casters with locking levers, and the rubber bumper.