Your Guide to Fume Extraction Systems


How do you know which fume extraction system is right for you? At Fume Ex, our goal is to be your trusted resource for your fume extraction needs. This includes equipping you with the information to help you find the right extractor that captures particulates, controls ventilation to maintain air quality, and allows your workers to operate safely.

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What is a Fume Extraction System?

A fume extraction system is a device that utilizes a fan to pull fumes and particulate into a filtration system, cleaning the air of hazardous chemicals and particulates.

How Do you Choose the Right Fume Extraction System?

When choosing your fume extraction system, there are numerous factors to consider. This guide breaks this process down into manageable steps to help you get started on finding the right fume extractor system. Of course, you can always contact our knowledgeable representatives, to determine the right fume extraction system for you.

Step One: What is the CFM requirement?

The first step is to determine what kind of filters are necessary for fume extraction in the course of your operations. When it comes to fume extraction, it is important to use the right filter in order to effectively capture particles, dust, and more. Inadequate filters can result in high exposure to fumes or even damage to machines in your facility. This is done by assessing the airflow requirement (in CFM, or Cubic Feet per Minute) according to the specifications of the laser manufacturer. CFM requirements are typically determined by the type of laser configurations utilized in a particular project. Fume Ex offers units for two types of laser configuration: cabinet extraction, and source extraction.

Cabinet extraction is a type of laser configuration where fume extraction takes place via a port in the back of the enclosed workspace. A cabinet extraction system is best suited for workspaces where there is a higher CFM requirement because the contaminants are airborne, therefore requiring enough ventilation to rapidly filter and eliminate particulates.

Source extraction is a type of laser configuration where a nozzle or extraction arm is placed close to the application to immediately remove contaminants or particulates. A source extraction system is best suited when heavier debris is being created, and will not be necessarily floating in the air away from the application. This is called source capture, and is ideal for capturing welding fumes and particles.

This extraction system is suitable for welding and laser cutting or engraving.

Step Two: What Materials Will You Be Working With?

Once you have determined the appropriate extraction system, the next step is to identify which materials you will be marking, cutting, or etching. Some materials generate odors or noxious gases. Other materials generate no odor, but may still release a toxic fume or large particulates that can cause lung damage. There are different ventilation and filter requirements for different types of gas and fumes, which is why it is paramount to have a fume extraction system that fits your needs.

Some materials, especially in welding, may generate small particulate that are not visible to the naked eye. Nonetheless, these particles can still affect the efficiency and life of your machinery. While our fume extractors work to keep the machinery in your facility free of buildup and residue, our units have self-cleaning mechanisms, so you do not have to worry about cleaning the fume extraction systems.

Step Three: What are Needs Specific to Your Business?

Fume Ex offers a variety of solutions to common issues and can adapt to different applications. Whether you are a recreational hobbyist or an industrial powerhouse, we offer a full range of solutions.

Hand Soldering and Solder Pots

Whether you are working with solder pots on small table tops or working in an enclosure, Fume Ex recognizes the need to keep toxic solder fumes completely contained. Whether the fumes are generated by one or two workers, or robotic equipment, we have a fume extractor that can handle your application and protect the health of your employees.

Brazing and Welding

Fume Ex offers a wide range of portable fume extraction units designed for brazing application when heavy oil and mist control are unnecessary. Our portable extractor works to minimize weld fumes by utilizing a combination filter media featuring both a HEPA filter and an activated carbon base. This allows our fume extractors to be highly efficient, cleaning the air and maintaining ideal air quality. Our fume extraction systems with hoods are especially well-suited for robotic welding applications, as this process can generate a large volume of welding fume.

Dental & Medical

With growing concerns about the spread of viruses, dental offices and medical clinics must be particularly careful to control the quality of air, ventilation, and protect the respiratory health of hygienists, dental professionals, and patients. The CDC suggests that dental providers consider the use of a portable Aerosol Extraction Unit with HEPA filtration during some dental procedures. Fume Ex has designed several extractors for this purpose, which capture aerosols using a medical grade H-14 HEPA filter.

Step Four: Other Factors to Consider

Space & Size

Limited floor space or limited storage space may both be factors to consider when deciding which fume extraction system is right for your needs.


Many of our products are designed to be portability, allowing you to adapt to your workspace. This is particularly desirable to businesses who may be operating in a rented facility and cannot make permanent building changes, or to businesses who may be adjusting day-to-day machinery on the floor based on demand.

Contact Us to Learn More About Fume Extractors

At Fume Ex, our products are designed to be flexible and versatile, suiting a variety of needs across numerous industries. Whether you require portable or mounted fume extractors, fume extractors that are ideal for welding fume extraction, or a fume extraction system that filters specific gases, Fume Ex is committed to finding the right solution for you. However, we understand that there may be unique challenges for certain businesses, which is why we welcome you to contact us to discuss your unique fume extraction needs. Our informed representatives are well-equipped to help you determine the fume extraction system that is the solution to your air filtration issues.


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