Best Dust Extractors for Home Use

Having a dust-free home is the best way to start the day, for you are assured that you will not be contacting any airborne allergens, pollutants brought by the tiny dust particles that may trigger some health issues specifically on your respiratory system. With the Pandemic Covid, 19, and other virus variants lurking around, it’s necessary to keep our respiratory system healthy.

When picking your dust extractor for your home, there are things that should be considered, such as the volume of waste or dust. Obviously, the amount or volume of waste must be the focal point when choosing the best product for dust extraction. Every dust extractor has different capabilities but does not fret, for there are dust extractors that are designed for your home.

Getting of the waste is as equally important as the extraction itself, and that you should deal with it squarely. Do not stash a huge amount of money for a system that will not help you get rid of the waste. You need to remove the waste after the extraction safely. Devise a system that will perfectly blend into the working environment of your workshop.

After having those things in mind, let us take a glimpse of the different types of dust extraction equipment dominating the market and were tested to be efficient and suited for your home.

Oneida Air Systems Dust Deputy Deluxe Separator

Getting rid of the dust and tiny particles of debris can be effectively be done through the use of this dust extractor. It is capable of removing dust may it be dry or wet dust. Due to its efficiency, you can save both of your money and cleaning time for it features hassle-free waste disposal.

You will surely love having this equipment around your house, for it features a tapered post and a portable design. With its wheels, it will allow you to easily move it around the house while doing the household cleaning chores. Its filter cleaner keeps minimal drop-offs that will ensure minimal function loss. Part of its operation features is the dust deputy cyclonic separator.

Bosch Dust Extractor with HEPA Filter

This dust extractor has exceptional performance for it features an end-to-end dust collection. It is capable of sucking dust particles with its HEPA filter. It can absorb particles of a minimum of 0.3 microns. It can definitely cope up with the job, for it features a capacity of 14 gallons.

With an air volume of 150 CFM, it can provide a maximum airflow that ensures effective suction. You can use it with effortlessness because it features an automatic function and is compatible with any powerful activation.

For every 15 seconds, the “king” automatically cleans up, and it is awesome that it features a filter bag that ensures protection to the filter for its optimal repression. You can enjoy moving it around for its smooth-rolling wheels.

It is one of these dust extractors in the market that is an OSHO compliant product and provides an end-to-end dust collection system for superior performance.

Festool MIDI HEPA Dust Extractor

You will surely love to have this dust extractor, for it features a compact design and lightweight features while delivering a powerful; performance with its maximum suction capabilities. You can definitely have a home that is dust-free with this dust extractor, for it features a smooth suction hose that ensures cost-efficient performance. It features an optimized sys-dock with a cardholder. It is capable of connecting this dust extractor to the sustainer through the t-lock.

This is perfect for your home for it is suitable for cleaning dust and dirt of small to medium volumes. It has superb mobility, for it comes equipped with towing wheels that make it perfect for home use. For better convenience, you may have an additional air compressor or have it retrofitted with Bluetooth remote control.

It is economical and practical, and you will not use any tool to replace the filter bag. It is also good to know that it features a HEPA certification.

 GAS18V-3N 18V 1.6 gallon Vacuum Bare Tool

It features a sleek vacuum design that ensures a sustained suction due to the special feature of the vacuum canister. It features powerful suction and a HEPA filter in a light 18-volt tool. It is cordless and has a rotational airflow technology that delivers 51 CFM (Cubic feet per minute). It efficiently operates up to four minutes per battery amp hour.

It is economical for the HEPA filter to be washable, and it is capable of capturing around 99.9% of particles at 0.3 microns.


You will enjoy using this hassle-free equipment, for you can activate this dust extractor through the use of remote control. It is a wireless tool that is controllable through the use of remote control of which you can activate even at a distance. A programmed filter cleaning mechanism ensures a powerful suction, and the HEPA filter had made it more efficient.


Pulse-Bac’s Dust Extractor


Dust particles in the household may be unsightly and be unsanitary, specifically that these dust particles may trigger allergens. Getting rid of this dust can be conveniently done through the use of this dust extractor with its automatic function. With the automatic function, it will surely make the job convenient and easier.


Everything is just a matter of a click of using this equipment, for you will just have to switch its power on, and everything will be done by the machine. It is capable of efficiently capturing dust particles and thereby saving time and money. It features a single-stage, HEPA filtration, plus it features a fractional filter efficiency.


The design is functional and convenient and does not even require buttons, blowers, shakers, and compressors.  This one features automatic functions for superb convenience. Simply turn its power on and it will do the dusting for you. This dust extractor traps the dust easily, allowing users to ultimately save money in the long run. Additionally, this features HEPA filtration in single-stage and comes equipped with fractional filter efficiency.


0.3 microns dust particles can be effectively captured by this equipment with its featured self-cleaning technology. The eight galloons steel tank includes unique cyclonic debris management.

Buying Guide for Dust Extractors

With numerous dust extractors in the market, you might be confused about picking the right dust extractor that is suitable for your home. This simple guide may help you make up your mind.


This dust extractor that you must pick has the functionality that meets your requirements. The functionality entirely depends on the size and air volume. There is no need for you to choose equipment that has 600 or more CFM, for it is already for industrial use in household use. A lower CFM has the capability that is suitable for your home. But of course, it is entirely dependent on the volume of waste or dust. Remember, each house is different from one another, especially in terms of waste and dust production.


You can check the efficiency of this dust extractor through its materials. Better check its parts and materials such as its filters. You must be guided that having a HEPA filter will mean a higher efficiency in sucking dust particles and microbes.

Best Dust Extractors for Nail Technicians

A perfectly polished nail is an epitome of neatness and beauty, but you might have encountered some concerns, specifically on the nail dust, but having the nails done. The mess of the nail dust may create an eyesore and annoyance. But don’t fret for there is a wide array of nail dust collectors in the market that you can pick in order to do the job of sucking the nail dust that remains in the nail and surrounding it.

Let us take a glance at the different nail dust extractors that may be categorized as the best in the market.

Nail Dust Collector Vacuum 80W

This one has been categorized as a powerful suction dust cleaner machine for a manicure.  It has the efficiency of having a hundred percent vacuum effect which will make the customer not inhale some dust nail particles. In comparison with other nail dust collectors out there which have only the capability of vacuum effect up to about 70-80%. Using Nail Dust Collector Vacuum 80W with a nail drill will ensure that there will be no nail dust that will fly ash on the thin air.

The nail dust produced due to the use of nail files as well as a buffer, polishing nails, or a nail drill may be captured by the strong fan of the Nail Dust Collector.


Powerful Suction

With eight exhaust ports, you can be assured that it has the efficiency of collecting the present nail dust, and it has a wave nail dust collector filter. The amazing part is that it controls the nail dust’s direction. Maintaining the neatness of the nails and of the manicure workplace by making it dust-free is possible through the use of this machine.

Electric Nail Vacuum Dust Collector for Acrylic Nails and Polygel Nail Extension Gel Nail Polish

Doing the manicure through the traditional way of using a nail file as well as a buffer may produce a massive speck of nail dust and powder that may be difficult to clean. An electric nail vacuum dust collector will clean much easier.  It is considered a perfect dust machine for nails and an excellent choice to be included in your salon equipment. You can use the dipping nail kit or this nail drill machine for spotless clean nails.

80W Power

Undeniably with the 80W power, this nail dust collector is considered as having the market’s maximum power. The powerful suction comes from the powerful motor. However, it may create some “noise,” or it may be a little bit too “loud,” but everything is worth it for your customer, and you will be free from inhaling the dust.

User-Friendly Nail dust Collector Filter

You will be able to provide excellent service to your customer by having this user-friendly nail dust collector filter. You can give quality service with just a click on the button, for it is a dust collector vacuum with one button control. It will give your salon an ambiance of a high-end and professional salon.

It may also be perfect for those gals who want to have a DIY nail art or do their manicure. This easy control equipment is a good tool in collecting dust, filing and curing nails, dip powder, and nail art.

MiSMON 3 In 1 Nail Dust Collector

Why settle for one when you can have three? This is among the incredible nail dust collector apparatuses available in the market. It is considered as a machine that is three in one wherein in just a single machine it has the three amazing features such as nail lighting, nail polishing, and nail vacuuming. The most amazing part is that each feature is detachable and be used independently.

Be awed by the MisMon 3 In 1 Nail Dust Collector, for it has a nail dust collector, a filter, a drill, a LED light, and a powerful cable. It is also very practical to use for it has a foot pedal that can help you control its on and off button whenever you got your hands full and busy.

It’s a lightweight that makes it very easy to carry and move around the salon, and the best part is that it has 2 USB power supplies that can you can use for an LED-lighting power supply and for your charging needs. It is convenient and practical, and surely it will give your customer an awesome salon experience.

E EVEBYRA Nail Dust Suction Collector Nail Salon No-spilling Filter with Powerful 40W Fan

Get more salon appointments by having this E EVEBYRA Nail Dust Suction Collector Nail Salon at the soonest time possible. It does not only ensure a hundred percent vacuum effect, as it also comes with a guarantee that there will be no dust spilling. What makes it an excellent product is it has a powerful 40W fan that has a 4500 RPM speed rotation that will prevent the dust from spilling over or from flying out.


It is considered a healthy alternative for it will prevent you and your customers from dust inhalation. It may also prevent the technician from contracting any health issue, especially lung disease, whenever they are exposed to making the nail art or manicure.

Reusable Filter

It has a reusable filter, and you can have it cleaned up not through the use of water but by blowing it with the hairdryer.


The design actually provides strong heat dissipation and prolongs its time span.

Belle Oval Powerful Nail Dust Collector

Your customers will surely be relaxed in your salon that is dust-free and that they will be free from inhaling nail dust. With Belle Oval, a Powerful Nail Dust Collector will surely give your salon that ambiance. It has a detachable filter that’s automobile-quality and a powerful fan that has 4000 RPM ensures that dust will not be scattered or spilled.

Making a “comfy” feeling in a salon is possible with this machine, for it has a hand-rest design. It has an on and off switch and an over-voltage protection function. It also has a LED indicator. The stainless steel surface of the machine is easy to keep clean, for it can easily be cleaned up.

KADS Adjustable Nail Dust Collector

Give your customer the relaxation they needed when they had their nails done by ensuring that the air is free from any nail dust and some “loud noise” created by a nail dust collector machine. Since the KADS Adjustable Nail Dust Collector is installed with a quiet engine, it produces a “low noise.” Thereby it will keep the quietness of the salon while the strong adjustable fans with a 3600 RPM speed will keep the nail dust at bay and maintain the neatness of the place. The speed can be controlled according to your needs.

It has two dust bags that can easily fit over the fan output, and it is reusable for the bags can be changed and washed. The two bags are given for free and can continuously be used several times.

It is also considered practical for you can use it for filing, polishing nails, and nail art. It will surely give your salon an atmosphere of total relaxation and a feeling of being in the “high-end” salon.

Best Dust Extractors for Small Workshops

The glaring reality is that most small workshops have been struggling with the dust issue in their workplace. That’s probably because most of these small workshops have been set up in tight spaces and most garages that lack space for any equipment for cleaning the dust.

The messy and dusty workplace of woodworking shops may lead to some respiratory issues. “Dust issue” must be resolved at the soonest possible time. There are a wide array of dust extractors that will perfectly fit with the small workshops. Given the tight space that you have, you will not be investing in something good for an industrial function, for that will be entirely impractical. Try to look for something that can perform its job, with the functionalities and efficiency that best work in tight spaces.

There are different ways of choosing a dust extractor for your workshops, such as the brand and this dust extractor’s capacity. Assess the specific needs of the workshop, for it will determine which dust extractor can meet the specific site requirements. Do not just settle for the brand but rather opt to have dust extraction equipment that can meet the needs of your small workshop.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT Max Dust Extractor

You can never go wrong if you invest in this equipment because it has dual filters that ensure that it comes with the maximum capability to filter dust and other airborne microbes. The first filter is this dust extractor automatic filter cleaning, and the second one is the HEPA filter with an air volume of 125 CFM.

Other systems can easily be connected with it as long as it is T-tack compatible. You can easily move it in different areas of your workshop for it has lightweight features.

Festool (574930) HEPA Dust Extractor

This dust extractor will surely fit your workshop for its compact and lightweight design. It ensures portability that you can easily move it from in any area of the workshop. With the high suction capabilities of this dust extractor, anyone can be ensured that it delivers high performance, specifically on sucking dust particles and microbes in the air.

This dust extractor that comes with the sustainer is connected with the sys-dock through its t-lock. It has an air volume of 137 CFM, which is perfect, especially if you have a tight space. The swiveling caster wheels make this dust extractor very mobile. You can definitely make use of this dust extractor for optimum advantage.

Bosch VAC090AH 9-Gal Dust Extractor with HEPA Filter and Auto Filter Clean

There’s no disappointment when you have a dust extractor that delivers high efficiency, convenience, and maximum dust extraction at 150 CFM air volume.  This air volume power volume definitely takes tough jobs in your workshop or job site since it can do dust extraction in surface grinding and such. It features automatic cleaning on its filter for optimum suction power. At a 15-seconds interval, you are guaranteed of clean filter and superb performance in capturing particles of about 99.97%.

You have a piece of worry-free equipment. It comes equipped with automatic filter cleaning and a filter bag made of fleece to ensure the debris and dust collected remain contained until disposal. It also complies with OSHA and is highly compatible with power tools for a number of applications. Easy switching and turning the vacuum mode on or off.

With this Bosch dust extractor, you can have sustained suction power and strong airflow to seamless dust extraction.

Pulse-Bac Dust Extractor

Having this dust extractor will surely give you a high level of convenience for it to have an automatic function. The HEPA filter has a single-stage filtration and is designed with the most durable construction materials to withstand extensive use and a long life span.

It is conveniently designed to require no blowers, compressors, shakers, and buttons. It is perfect for your small workshop for it is good for hand grinders, miter saws, and job sites. Maintaining a dust-free ambiance in your workshop is definitely easy, especially when you have a compact design dust extractor in your workshop.

The filter’s efficiency of suctioning .3 micron particles at a 99.97% rate is consistent and reliable. While it collects dust and debris consistently, the filter remains clean and without leak with its self-cleaning feature. You only need to power it on, and the rest is handled for you by this portable dust extractor.

Oneida Air Systems

Getting rid of the dust in the workshop entails a tough job, but Oneida Air Systems makes it easier for you to effectively get rid of the different types of dust, such as wet and dry dust. You can definitely depend on this amazing dust extractor to do the tough job, for it has easier waste disposal. It also prevents dust from penetrating the filter. Its system of filter cleaning that has a few drop-offs will surely save a lot of money and time.

It has user-friendly operation features that have a cyclonic separator. You can easily store it in your workshop for it has a compact design. You can be assured of its mobility, for it has smooth wheels.

Bosch 17-Gal/300-CFM Dust Extractor with HEPA Filter and Auto Filter Clean

The 300-CFM Bosch Dust Extractor delivers unprecedented performance of CFM rate. Part of this product is a trademarked feature of Bosch PRO+GUARD™ that highly helps its users move on the road to the compliance of OSHA Silica dust. It features an impressive air-flow capability of 300-CFM. You can always expect high-performance CFM features from the manufacturer to deliver maximum extraction of dust even on heavy-duty applications such as concrete construction.

The 17.5 Amp powerful motor is sure to deliver solid extraction performance even for extensive commercial applications. It also features an automatic filter cleaning that promises to clean your filter with consistent suction power at a 15-seconds interval. As for the filter bag, it comes equipped with a 3-layered, heavy-duty one. It collects dust and the filter that is protected against abrasive materials and provides maximum containment for the extracted debris and dry dust.

You can operate this product wet or dry, including a drain hose and sensor on water levels. The automatic feature of this sensor ensures water overfilling is prevented, while the hose makes drainage easy and less messy. You can be sure about 99.97 percent of large particles, or about 0.3-micron particles, are captured with its HEPA filter.

When it comes to its construction, this 300-CFM Bosch Dust Extractor is constructed using metal castors to provide optimum durability to endure any job site demands. The ease of transport, the convenience of emptying, combined with reliable stability, is expected with its metal frame with wheels and its unique dumping mechanism. Worry not about its mobility on the Jobsite and storage since it comes with a push handle for easy folding.


Finding the best dust extractors for small workshops is not as hard as you think. With this guide, you can find the right one suitable for your needs and requirements. Be sure to browse first so you can buy the dust extractor that will help you work on wide coverage applications, provide great convenience and ease of use, and durability to last you a long time.

Best Dust Extractors with Auto Start

What is the fuss of having a dust extractor in your workplace, in your home, or in your workshop? Those who have been using it for ages already know the importance of having a dust extractor. Simply it is the sure way of having a clean and dust-free workplace that will be safer for you. It is also beneficial for your machinery to have those dust and shavings removed. In fact, if you are running your machinery without a dust extractor, it might even affect its warranty, for it is part of its warranty to have a dust extractor.

There could be zillion reasons for having a dust extractor, especially if your place needs it. In the lane of dust extractors in the market, you can find dust extraction features which make extraction convenient and one of which is the feature of an auto-start. Let us have a quick shopping glance at these top dust extractors.

Bosch Dust Extractor with HEPA Filter

Check out this dust extractor, for it has an automatic function and is compatible with any other powerful activations. It is making dust extraction less burdensome. It can deliver superb performance with its air volume of 150 CFM ensures that it can suck around 99.9% of the tiny dust particles.

It has an end-to-end dust collection and with HEPA filter, which can take 0.3 microns. Amazingly the dust extractor “king” cleans every 15 seconds and has a filter bag for its optimal repression.

You will surely be tossing it around in different areas of your workplace, for it has towing wheels, thereby making it very mobile.

DC50AUTO High Filtration Vacuum Extractor with Auto Start, 50L Capacity

This dust extractor is one of those that is hard to ignore, especially with its auto start features. Imagine the convenience of dust extraction without the fuss and the hassle of manually doing it. With the auto-start, you can easily use the dust extractor by plugging your power tool in the integral three-pin plug socket and have it set to auto-start function.

Amazingly it will automatically start once your power tools start working, and when the power tools stopped working, it will still continue to run for a few seconds to clear any remnants of chips and dust in the hose.

This dust extractor that has a high filtration vacuum is ideal for the small workshop as it is perfect for the miter saw, or band saw. The benchtop machinery and power tools in your workshop will perfectly complement this dust extractor which has the capability of producing a high volume of air. The power tools that you have can be easily used with the dust extractor diameter hose. It has two stages of filtration that have the capability of cleaning the air particles up to 0.5 microns.

If you a small workshop with a tight space, you can surely appreciate the compact design of this machine. It can easily be stored by just keeping it underneath a bench.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT Max Dust Extractor

Easiness in dust extraction is what you can expect from this dust extractor which has an automatic filter cleaning. You can operate it with the wireless tool control and can easily be combined with the other systems provided it is T- tack compatible. It can deliver efficient performance with the maximum tools of 20v.

An air volume of 125 CFM and HEPA filtration ensures the efficiency of the equipment to suck tiny dust particles and microbes into the air.

It will perfectly fit the small workshop space for it has a compact design, and it’s lightweight. Its portability will make dust extraction less hassle, for you can easily move it around your place or where you wanted to have the dust extraction.

Pulse-Bac Dust Extractor

Time is ticking, and you know how important time is, and surely having this dust extractor can make you save a great deal of time for it has an automatic function. Just simply switch it on, and the machine will do the job. There is no manual operation that is needed except for the act of switching it on.

It has a single-stage filtration with HEPA filters that has the capability of sucking tiny particles and microbes. Its cleaning efficiency comes with a convenient design that does need or require buttons, blowers, compressors, and shakers. This is perfect for your shop as it is good for miter saws, hand grinders, and floor grinders.

Makita XCV08Z

Technology had greatly improved the way people live, and this dust extractor will make it even better. It has an auto-start feature that can be activated through the use of Bluetooth technology. It uses an Auto-Start Wireless System that connects the power tools to the dust extractor through Bluetooth technology for the wireless switching on and off of the machine.

It can continuously run for about 75 minutes when it is set for a low setting, but if it is in a high setting, it can run up to 40 minutes. Its speed, power, and run-time are being powered by the Brushless Motor. It uses 18v LXT Lithium-ion batteries.

Three stages of filtration and with HEPA filter ensures the efficiency of capturing the dust particles and microbes in the air. It has a filter cleaning system that has been specifically designed to ensure optimal suction efficiency.

It is ideal for home use for it has an air volume of 74 CFM. For hard-to-reach areas and fast clean-ups, you can definitely rely on this machine, for it has an Anti-Static hose that gives you the needed extended reach.

Something to consider before making the purchase

There you have it, guys, the top line of dust extractors with auto-start in the market, but before making the impulsive purchase, there are things that you must consider in picking the dust extractor that is right for you.

Cleaning ability

That could be the primary factor that you must look for in a dust extractor which is its ability to meet you’re cleaning requirements. Make a quick assessment as to your intended usage of the dust extractor is it for the purpose of cleaning dry surfaces, wet surfaces, or both. Pick the dust extractor that meets your intended usage and not just settles for the name brand.


You can gauge the dust extractor by the capacity of its waste canister. Settle for a canister that has a large capacity in putting away dust, flotsam, or jetsam. The size of your preferred waste canister entirely depends on the volume of waste or dust that you wanted to get rid of.

Self-cleaning capability

Make a quick check if there is a self-cleaning or programmed channel cleaning system in the dust extractor. The self-cleaning channel will make the job of dust extraction convenient. It will spare a massive amount of time and effort if you have a dust extractor that has a self-cleaning system.

Auto-start feature

We are now in the millennial world where everything is quick, easy, and done with a click. Do not be left behind by using the traditional dust extractor when you can have the dust extractor that has the feature of auto-start. You got the A list of the dust extractors that have an auto-start feature. All you have to do now is make that purchase.

Best Dust Extractors with Bluetooth

Maintaining a workplace that is dust-free is only possible if you have an effective dust extractor. Dust extraction proves to have beneficial effects not only to your health but as well as to the quality of your work. The workplace may be prone to be a fire hazard, for this fine dust may be sucked up by electrical components or may pile up underneath of your machinery, which may be considered as a potential “fire hazard.”

You can have a hassle-free dust extraction in just a matter of a click with the dust extractor with Bluetooth technology. Everything is possible through the use of the power of Bluetooth and dust extractor had kept up with the pace of the changing technology. There is a wide array of dust extractors in the market that is being enabled by Bluetooth.

Festool MINI HEPA Dust Extractor

Innovations are made for the convenience of man, and having a dust extractor that has Bluetooth technology would connote that it is for man’s better convenience. This dust extractor can be activated through the use of a Bluetooth remote control which means that you can operate the equipment even if you are not near the machine.

The housing of this machine is very lightweight, and it is portable of which you can carry or move in any place. The mobility of the equipment will ensure that you will be performing your job better. It ensures a constant suction through its powerful and smooth hose. It has the features of optimized sys-dock, which is equipped with a cardholder. The sustainer is connected with the dust extractor through the t-lock. This makes it possible for you to utilize and operate the container’s volume.

Everything is within your power, for you can even adjust the suction level to meet your needs. But this machine is good only for small or medium waste or dust. You cannot make use of it in an industrial workplace that continuously produces massive waste.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Dust Extractor (DCV585B)

The Tuck-pointing and surfacing applications, when paired with the dust shroud, will make it cost-effective dust extraction. Since it is Bluetooth activated, the wireless tool control allows you to control the wireless on and off the capability of the equipment provided that it is paired with the included remote control or any wireless tool control enabled tool. This would mean that you can use or activate the extractor in a tool or even at a distance.

It has an air volume of 125 CFM that may be good for home use or for small workshops, but it will definitely not be applicable for industrial use. It has functionality that is suited to both wet and dry applications. It has dual filters, which includes HEPA filter, and has the capability for automatic filter cleaning.

Festool 574837 CT MIDI I HEPA Bluetooth Dust Extractor

You might get confused between the Festool CT Mini and CT Midi, for both has mostly the same features and functionalities. It is both integrated with Bluetooth Module for Remote Wireless Activation. However, the Midi is a little bit larger than the CT Mini. Unlike with the Mini, the CT Midi can be switched on automatically through Bluetooth-enabled remote control without the need for retrofitting.

You can control the suction level, the switch on and off through the touch panel control after Bluetooth pairing. Instead of the traditional rotary knobs, touch control is being used. It is for easy operation, especially if one is wearing gloves or there is a debris build-up.

Having Bluetooth technology on the dust extractor surely saves a lot of time and effort. Once the Bluetooth module has been paired with the CT dust extractor on the extractor hose will enable you to control the dust extractor. By simply switching it on, the cordless tool automatically starts the dust extractor.

It may be ideal for small and occasional cleaning purposes and not for industrial ones. It may be suitable for home use or for your small workshop, or any tight place that has a low volume of waste and dust.

The amazing part is that even when the CT dust extractor is in auto mode, you can change it to manual mode. The Bluetooth-enabled remote control makes it possible for you to switch it on or change the mode despite the fact that the dust extractor is on auto mode.

Bosch Dust Extractor with Auto Filter Bluetooth

If you are looking to have a stress-free dust extraction, then you may opt to have the Bosh Dust Extractor, for it has an automatic function. You can enjoy having clean air with a hassle-free mode of extraction. For it has lightweight features that make it easy to carry around and move it into different places where there is a need for dust extraction.

The most amazing part is that it has an onboard cleaning feature that will make extraction convenient as it provides suction efficiency. It can effectively capture around 99.9% of particles through its HEPA filter. The filter is being protected by a fleece filter bag to ensure the optimal containment of dust.

It automatically cleans up every 15 seconds with the maximum suction power, for it has an airflow of 150 CFM. Its suction power includes a power broker dial that is for a powerful application.

Makita XCV08Z 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless Cordless 2.1 Gallon HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor/Vacuum, with AWS, Tool Only


The Makita  XCV08Z keeps up with the pace of Bluetooth technology because it is equipped with an auto-start wireless system that uses Bluetooth technology. The auto-start wireless system makes it possible to switch on or off the equipment through the use of Bluetooth and eliminates any use for cords. The Bluetooth technology is being utilized by the auto-start wireless system for the wireless communication between the tool and the dust extractor.

Additional awesome features of this product are that it has a variable speed control dial, dual-LED Battery indicators that are very visible on top and front of the vacuum. It has an accessible oversized switch for on and off.

It uses two 18V LXT Lithium-ion batteries to deliver an air volume of 74 CFM effectively. Basically, this is perfect for home use. Considering the air volume, you cannot make use of this dust extractor for a large volume of dust.

You can be assured that it has suction power, for it has three-stage HEPA filtration that can effectively suck around particulates and microns of about 3 or larger to 99.97%. To maintain its optimal suction efficiency and prolong the time life of the filter, it is constantly cleaned through its filter cleaning system that is specifically designed for that purpose. There may be times that you need to have fast clean-ups or have areas that are hard to reach, so you can rely on this machine for its anti-static hose will allow for an extended reach that makes you clean up the most difficult areas to clean.

It has a continuous run time of 75 minutes but around 40 minutes if it is set on high setting in low setting. Some of its additional features are the quick-release metal latches, rear casters with locking levers, and the rubber bumper.

How Does A Dust Extractor Work?

Thin dust travels through the air and settles to your things, and it piled up, making it visible for the naked eyes to see and may become an eyesore not only for your visitors but also for you. The presence of dust is unsanitary, for it may trigger some health issues, specifically on the respiratory health system.

There are different ways of having the dust removed. You can simply wipe it, and you can use a duster, a vacuum cleaner; however, it only works when you are confronted with a dust issue inside the household but not when you are confronting a dust concern in a workplace that produces a massive amount of dust.

The Dangers of Dust in the Workplace

With the great volume of dust being produced by re-mulched hardwood shavings, it cannot be removed by simply wiping it or by using a vacuum cleaner. For logically, vacuum cleaners are designed for sucking small quantities of fine dust from your rugs or carpets, but it does not work to dust that is constantly being produced in massive quantities. In a place that is constantly producing a large volume of dust, you need to have dust extraction.

Judging by the term “dust extraction,” we can have an idea that this is made for “extracting” the dust from your workplace. Since it is industrially designed to cope up with the large quantity of dust being produced, it has the functionality to perform the task. It has a larger diameter hose but provided that you have adequate air volume. It needs to have a high volume of air for the dust extractor to work efficiently. Bear in mind that dust extractor functions at high volume air, but it travels at low velocity.

Dust extraction entails an analysis of the extraction point for different extraction points that require different levels of air volume. You can adequately measure the air volume in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The basic 1HP extractors usually have an airflow of 600 CFM, and it is suitable for extracting dust in cutting/drilling machinery. A 600 CFM extraction is needed in this type of machinery. But it will be entirely different when you are dealing with large milling machines like the thicknessers, for it requires an 800 CFM extraction.

That is the basic assessment that you should conduct before making any dust extraction, for every extraction point has a different level of CFM. The second factor that you should consider is the positioning of the dust extractor in relation to the machine. Usually, woodworking machinery has an extraction connection which is a large diameter around 4” or 5” (100mm 0r 125 mm). Such a diameter connection will perfectly blend into your dust extractor.

To maximize the machines that are connected with the dust extractor, you may devise a system such as the Y-pieces by adding some meters of the flexible hose to run to the wall, across the ceiling, then eventually gets back to the extractor.

It may sound very enticing about adding some meters in the hose in order to have a large system. However, there is a drawback about this for every meter of flexible hose you run entails that you lose around 10-20%  of the volume of CFM, and you keep on losing CFM for every bend and fitting that you make in the hose. A simple mathematical analysis will give you an idea that for just three meters flexible hose will mean that your third suction is gone.

Logically you can assume that more meters in flexible hose to run is just a wastage for every single ridge of the hose causes the disrupting of the efficient flow of the air. Remember that for the dust extractor to work efficiently, it needs to have a high volume of air, and disrupted airflow may affect the dust extractor to perform efficiently.

But do not fret, for there are also ways of having a large system of dust extraction that may not entail a great wastage, but you must always remember that you need to have enough suction volume. It can be possible with a larger system that is a professionally designed system that uses rigid metal pipes that has a smooth finish engineering bends. It has the efficiency and the capability to run the machines simultaneously together with the high-capacity dust extractors.

Setting up this system entails a big chunk of money, but still, there will be a suction loss of around 1-2% per meter. It is still better to settle for a simpler system that is straighter and shorter, for it has a bigger CFM. The longer the meter is added to the flexible hose, the more you lose CFM, which means a loss in suction capacity.

Just keep a simple system in your dust extraction, which is straighter and shorter. It will yield more efficiency rather than invest and shell out more money in a larger system, which will diminish the dust extraction capability.

Choose The Dust Extractor That Suits Your Needs

Basically, the needs of every individual vary, and so with the dust extraction system. The type of dust extraction entirely depends on the kind of need that you have. If what you are looking for is something to hook up in the table saw, you can settle for a basic unit. The basic 1HP extractors usually have an airflow of 600 CFM will be perfect for this job.

However, if there is a need to connect with the jointer or thicknesser that requires an 800 or more CFM extraction, opt to have a 2hp unit. The 2hp unit has a higher CFM which is suitable for this type of need, especially that it has a larger waste holding capacity

Before making any impulsive decision in investing and selecting a dust extraction system, you must think whether the type of “need” that you have is already permanent or just “temporary.” If it is temporary because you have plans for expansion, then you must also consider your future requirements. If you have plans to add more machinery, then better settle to a larger unit. It will be a good business decision to have a larger unit that will give you extra points and efficiency.

Safety Measures In Dust Extraction  

There may be some instances that you have heard about explosions in dust extraction, and of course, it rarely happens, but it is better to take a glimpse as to the cause of this “explosion.” It has been observed that there is a static electricity build-up in the dust extraction equipment. This is due to the constant rubbing of the timber particles inside the flexible hose. It can be compared to a comb that accumulates some hair particles caused by the constant rubbing of the comb to the hair. This can produce or build a static charge and discharge a “spark.”

An explosion can be had once the three parts are ignited by the spark. The other part may be in the form of the “fuel” produced by the fine dust particles while the remaining part is the air that is being forced into the system. If these three parts collide, then an explosion will follow. This scenario may be rare, but it is better to take some precautionary measures to avoid this untoward incident.

Dust Extractor vs Shop Vac: Which is Best?

It is very important to have a proper system of dust collection in places of workshops or industries. The dust being produced may be a cause of fire hazard, especially if there is some excessive heat or something that may cause sparks once started to contact enormously flammable dust particles or materials. Aside from that, airborne sawdust may get into the lungs of the workers in the industries, which would cause respiratory problems.

However, it is also crucial to remember that even though you have an effective system for dust collection in your business industry, it is still essential to use some PPE or Personal Protective Equipment such as masks with good respirators. These pieces of equipment will also make sure to have a good health status when working inside the factory since you can have a guarantee that you will not breathe any harmful gasses, dirt, or dust from the air surface.

Generally, there are several ways on how you can manage wood debris, sawdust, and other harmful particles or gasses from the air surface. Some of the tools that you can use in the factory or industry are dust extractors and shop Vacs. These two types of cleaning tools have their own advantages and disadvantages to the users and the company itself. These things will be discussed thoroughly in the succeeding discussions. Furthermore, one of the means of managing debris and residual sawdust is not a blanket remedy for the power tool which you possess. One specific system performs better over others depending on the residue sizes.

Dust Extractors – What Are Those Tools?

Dust extractors are tools that have similar functions to dust collectors. However, there are still differences between those two specific tools. The first difference which you may notice about dust extractors is that they are portable, just like a shop vac. With this great attribute, you have the chance to transfer the equipment based on the place where you will use them for good. Besides that, you can easily attach these tools to whatever stationary or portable power tool you are using for working processes.

Aside from their portability, these dust extractors contain effective filters for air. You may add any type of air filter on your dust extractor, which can filter small particles from the air surface, wherein you cannot do this thing using a stationary type of dust collector. Unlike shop vac, these dust extractors are highly designed for collecting debris and sawdust, which filter the air inside your shop. Moreover, dust extractors are best for full-time collecting of dust particles on power tools and filtrating air to have cleaner air in the environment.

What is a Shop Vac?

Shop-Vac, which is commonly known as dry/wet vac, is a type of vacuum that is good for heavy-duty purposes. It is also designed for rigorous activity in the shop or in any industry.

The motors of shop vacs create a higher suction level that travels through the narrow hose. Then, this creates focused path suction, which can make easy work on concentrated messes. The majority of the power tools contain ports so that users can directly hook the equipment prior to reaching the air surface or the floor of the shop.

Most of the shop vacuums utilize a one-stage entire system, wherein both small and large particles are being sucked into a similar collection canister. It is also usual for the shop vacuum motor to swamp down due to the particles that enter the shop vac motor.

Aside from collecting dust and dirt from the air surface, the shop vac also functions just like a regular vacuum. In fact, you can make use of this shop vacuum to manage any mess, which is common for the woodshop. This type of vacuum is perfect to be used for both wet and dry areas. This is also portable and handy if you will use it in floods or any water spill.

Differences Between a Shop Vac and a Dust Extractor

Are you wondering about the differences between a shop vac and a dust extractor? If you have that in your mind, then you’re in the right place. If you are one of those people who want to have a perfect cleaning touch to houses and property, then it is indeed essential for you to understand well about the equipment or tool which you’re using.

With a vivid understanding of specific tools to be used for your chores, you will find it easier to use and operate the tools based on their purpose. Aside from that, you can also take care of the tools that you have. Moreover, you will surely enjoy using the tool since it provides a longer lifespan, which is said to be a good investment for your money.

If you are eager to know the main differences between these two specific tools – dust extractor and shop vacs – then you may take a glimpse at the following lists:

  • Variety – Unlike shop vacuum, which comes in a single type of model-fit design, a dust extractor provides two kinds for its function. There’s a so-called dust extractor that is a single-stage which is perfect for small shops. There’s also a two-stage type of cyclone dust extractor, which is good for powerful and heavy filtration capacity.
  • Air cleaning – Dust extractors are perfectly designed for cleaning the air in your place so that you cannot breathe any dust or dirt from the surroundings. These also help you to prevent some possible problems that would risk your lungs by eliminating harmful particles, which shop vacuums cannot do.
  • Range – Shop vacuum can be utilized in cleaning a wide range of materials that are not related to woods like water and some pieces of broken glass. On the other hand, dust extractors cannot do this task. Instead, a dust extractor is limited to cleaning dust only and some wood-related materials like sawdust.
  • Capacity – A specific type of dust extractor is highly-designed for cleaning up tiny particles of debris and dust, which is said to be the main difference from a shop vac. This tool can clean vast areas of dirt and dust faster than a shop vac system that only has limited capability to work in a large space at a time.
  • Efficiency – The majority of heavy woodworkers utilize dust extractors to clean their workspaces to eliminate the dust particles present in their area. It is because this type of cleaning tool is said to be the most operative way for handling this kind of cleaning procedure. This is not similar to the shop vacuum that is utilized for some light cleaning touches and for sawdust and specific sizes of wood chips.
  • Compartments – Numerous types of dust extractors come in two compartments, while shop vacuums have only one compartment where the dirt and dust are placed. The two compartments of dust extractors are utilized to filter and separate dust and debris. These also help you to have a better experience in using the tool with great efficiency. Using dust extractors can also help you clean some specific areas for a better and longer duration.

These things that were mentioned above are the main differences between dust extractors and shop vacs. With those comparisons and well-explained advantages and disadvantages, you can decide whether you will use a shop vac or a dust extractor depending on your purpose.

Dust Extractor vs. Dust Collector: Which is Best?

Dust extractor vs dust collector

What do you think is the main difference between a dust extractor and a dust collector? Perhaps you’re one of those people who are wondering about its similarities and differences. You probably ask which is better to be used. Is it a dust collector or a dust extractor? The main truth is that these two tools are important in the workshop to maintain a safer and better and environment.

However, there are some instances that you may find it difficult to choose between these two types of tools in your workshop. If you want to learn and explore the advantages and disadvantages of these specific tools in your workshop, then keep in touch on the succeeding discussions.

What is a Dust Extractor?

Dust extractor has filters that separate big-sized particles from those microscopic ones. It uses a high volume of air that considerably travels slower through the wide hose, allowing for the bigger-sized portions of debris in traveling through its hose and to the tank while ensuring not to cause engine trouble or blockage problem. A dust extractor is perfectly used for suctioning particles in the air. It comes with filters that surely deal with microscopic dust or particles. Moreover, a dust extractor is a type of system for dust collection that can be utilized for handheld power tools and stationary ones. For those tools such as sanders, a dust extractor is said to be the most effective means of getting or extracting dust that falls to a ground surface and those that remain airborne.

Advantages of Dust Extractors

Lots of people who work in manufacturing factories or industries are at high risk of danger because of exposure to unpleasant fumes, dust, and toxic air. These things oftentimes lead to some health ailments. In fact, dust that is being generated in the factories or industries may cause severe problems on the respiratory system of the human body, and it can harm the lungs and other organs of the workers. To maintain the good health of the employees in the industries and have a better atmosphere in the workplace, a dust extractor is generally used. This tool effectively captures dense particles in high dust environments. Dust extractors are said to be the best solution for health issues in most industrial premises.

To learn more about its great benefits and advantages, you may take a glimpse at the following lists of advantages of these dust extractors:

  • Enhances the employees’ overall safety and health status – Installing a dust extractor in any industry can help to have a better working environment, which may also provide great benefits to the health of the workers in the company. With the use of effective dust extractors of the industries, these will efficiently clean the air, which comprises dust, harmful gasses, debris, and other harmful objects present in the air. So, even the tiniest particles will be filtered out, which allows the workers to have fresh air while working inside the industries.
  • Increased productivity – Once the dust accumulates on the machinery inside the industry, this could possibly ruin them or could hamper the smooth functioning of the production, resulting in a lower productivity level. In the worst-case scenario, this may lead to some financial losses to the company. So, these dust extractors can extract contaminated air. With this, it can protect the machinery while maintaining a good productivity level of the business company.
  • Enhance the efficiency of the entire workforce – Poor breathing is a cause of the presence of dirt, dust, and some other dangerous particles in the air, which may be the results to hamper the great performance level of all employees. This will somehow affect the overall production of the business company. In other words, clean air within the workplace can maintain the productivity level, resulting in better efficiency at work.
  • Compliance with rules and regulations – Every nation has some existing criteria and regulations to which industries need to adhere to the safety and health precautions of the employees. Once these basic qualifications and standards are not properly maintained, then the firm or the company may face some legal issues, resulting to the shutting down of the business.

Aside from those things, dust extractors can save air pollution while ensuring higher performance levels for the employees.

Disadvantages of Dust Extractors

One of the main disadvantages of dust extractors is that they have filter bags that have lower quality infiltration compared to cartridge filters. Aside from that, once the bag filters need to be changed now, you may notice that it is quite time-consuming compared to switching cartridge filters. Although these tools use bag filters, it still requires fewer procedures in cleaning can be replaced after a prolonged duration of time.

What is a Dust Collector?

A dust collector is a type of tool in a certain workshop or industry that collects debris and some other forms of dirt which may start to cause dust formations. Dust collectors may have a great difference from dust extractors in terms of airflow, configurations, and their total effect. The dust collector’s configuration is a sequence of parts that work or function in tandem in providing a safer workplace environment.

Advantages of Dust Collector

Dust collectors have several advantages for all users. In fact, some business industries tend to use dust collectors in maintaining a better working environment inside the company. Some are the best benefits and advantages that you can get out of using dust collectors in your business industry:

  • This device provides your vacuum with enhanced suction power.
  • It also separates a high quantity of debris or materials, which it picks or gathers prior to hitting the vacuum being used in the industry.
  • This tool is the perfect solution for the reduction of dust loading volume into the filter, which helps the vacuum to have a longer lifespan.
  • This device has numerous versatile designs for various types of cleaning small shop circumstances.

Those things that were cited above are just some of the advantages of using dust collectors in the business industry or factories. Given those advantages, it is understood that the dust collection system is indeed essential to all types of business industries towards improved health status and overall safety of all workers.

Disadvantages of Dust Collector

There are some people who claim that dust collectors provide a low-efficiency level in collecting dust or debris from the air. Some would say that dust collectors operate at low volume, resulting in picking up or collecting the insufficient volume of dust or dirt from the air surface, which provides the additional cost of money and time. Sometimes, the dust collector filter does not perform cleaning procedures properly. If it has a filter that doesn’t perform cleaning processes, this may lead to higher pressure drop, reducing airflow at dust pick-up, and high energy consumption.

Final Verdict

Using a dust extractor or collector depends on how these tools are to be used in the workshop or industry. It is important to determine the industry needs, space, and specific types of dirt or dust to be collected. All you need to do is identify the working facility’s best needs so that you can end up having the best tool that will be suitable for the betterment of the working process. So, regardless of what specific tool you will opt for between these two – dust extractor and dust collector – it is important to consider some other factors like filters, power, or extra features which the tool has.