Laser fume extraction systems

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is one of several innovative techniques that is helping boost productivity in many industries. However, some of the consequences of cutting into certain types of material can compromise the safety of employees and potentially diminish the life of your machinery. This is where laser fume extractors can minimize the consequences of laser cutters and laser operations by utilizing filters to clean the air.

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What is a Laser Fume Extractor?

Laser fume extractors play an important role in workplace operations: they are the mechanism that captures hazardous fumes and particulates in the air before they reach the machine operator’s breathing zone. Fume extractors also help keep your laser cutter free of particulates, dust, and debris that may cause damage to controls. Because a laser cutter can generate a significant volume of fumes and particulates, you need a laser fume extractor with filters that you and your employees can rely upon. Fume Ex offers several laser fume extraction systems to suit the variety of needs of different manufacturers.

Why You Need to Use a Laser Fume Extractor

Laser cutters and engravers use a laser which generates a high level of heat to cut into the metal or material. This heat (whether cutting, engraving, or marking) vaporizes the material and generates a high volume of fumes and particulates. The high heat from laser engraving, cutting, and marking also creates a chemical reaction that releases potentially toxic contaminants made of the elements found in the material or metal being cut. Without proper filters to clean the air, the contaminants, particulates, and fumes

As a result, these laser fumes may exceed permissible exposure limits (PELs) and create a much more unsafe and even hazardous work environment for employees. Exceeding the maximum amount of PELs may result in penalties for OSHA violations. More importantly, improper or inadequate laser fume extraction can result in serious health risks, including metal fume fever, lead poisoning, and cancer. Even though you may not see the particulate, it can still cause buildup in a machine over time, or even cause injury to employees by entering the lungs.

A laser fume extractor can help with the safety and health of the employees in your workplace. Laser fume extractors capture and help eliminate dust, carbon, and other particulates in the air. While someone is operating the laser cutter, the fumes and particulates in the air are sucked into the extraction system, which then travels through the ducting and filter mechanism. It is critical to adequately filter and eliminate the fumes and contaminants generated by laser cutting or laser engraving to minimize exposure limits and maintain a safe workplace environment, making sure the air is safe to breathe for everyone.

Having a fume extractor can also help reduce facility maintenance costs. A fume extractor can help balance the air to provide adequate ventilation and eliminates the problem of clogged ducts from dust and rosin, both of which put significant strain on central exhaust systems and can be costly to resolve. A fume extractor can also help with heating and cooling costs: by merely cooling the air inside the facility instead of cooling and heating outside air, businesses can expect lower operating costs because the air conditioning units are working at a lower capacity.

Not only is it important to make sure your workplace complies with OSHA standards, but it helps keep your employees healthy and working effectively. Even hobbyists who utilizing laser cutting or marking for small side businesses or artistic projects should consider investing in a laser fume extraction system because their health and safety are directly tied to air filtration. [Organization] offers fume extractors with a variety of filters to help meet your air quality and purification needs.

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Why You Should Rely on Fume Ex for Your Laser Fume Extraction Installation

Because of the health risks and safety considerations, Fume Ex understands the need to have a laser fume extractor that effectively captures laser fumes, dust, and more. Our company has been the leader in fume filtration and extraction and continues to innovate and improve our fume extractor technology. With over two decades of experience in air purification technology and thousands of filter unit installations across numerous industries, we are capable of handling a variety of needs, addressing unique issues, and providing unmatched customer experience to support your laser cutting operations. Multinational corporations across numerous industries that utilize lasers in the creation of their products or technologies rely on Fume Ex as their trusted resource for fume filtration needs.

Which Product or Series is Right for Me?

Fume Ex can help you determine the fume extraction system that best suits your business’s needs. Whether you need a fume extraction system to meet certain size limitations, or you need a fume extraction system to catch small and large contaminants or particulate, our highly trained representatives can help address your needs and find the right product.

We have fume extraction systems to meet the needs of hobbyists, nail salons, dental hygienists, welders, lab technicians, and more. Some products offer zone reflow ovens and odor control applications, while others are designed for multi-station soldering applications. Our fume extractors have been designed to be as flexible as possible to adapt to a variety of needs and purposes. Many of our products offer 99.97% or higher HEPA filtration at 0.3 microns, which capture a large proportion of fumes and other contaminants emitted by lasers. Our products also work quietly, some even offering built-in silencers. So, while our machines work diligently to capture as much particulate in the air as possible, your employees are able to work safely with minimal disruption in the background.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss application specifics, challenges you may be facing, or any questions you have about our individual units or extractor series. Our contact information is available here, where we accept direct inquiries, phone calls, and e-mails.

In order to keep your business compliant with OSHA regulations, minimize exposure to particulates, dust, and chemical fumes, and keep your employees safe, contact us today to get a quote on a laser fume extractor installation!