Best Dust Extractors for Small Workshops

Man cutting wood in a small workshop

The glaring reality is that most small workshops have been struggling with the dust issue in their workplace. That’s probably because most of these small workshops have been set up in tight spaces and most garages lack space for any equipment for cleaning the dust.

The messy and dusty workplace of woodworking shops may lead to some respiratory issues. “Dust issue” must be resolved at the soonest possible time. There are a wide array of dust extractors that will perfectly fit small workshops. Given the tight space that you have, you will not be investing in something good for an industrial function, for that will be entirely impractical. Try to look for something that can perform its job, with the functionalities and efficiency that best work in tight spaces.

There are different ways of choosing a dust extractor for your workshops, such as the brand and this dust extractor’s capacity. Assess the specific needs of the workshop, for it will determine which dust extractor can meet the specific site requirements. Do not just settle for the brand but rather opt to have dust extraction equipment that can meet the needs of your small workshop.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT Max Dust Extractor

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX* Dust Extractor Kit

You can never go wrong if you invest in this equipment because it has dual filters that ensure that it comes with the maximum capability to filter dust and other airborne microbes. The first filter is this dust extractor automatic filter cleaning, and the second one is the HEPA filter with an air volume of 125 CFM.

Other systems can easily be connected with it as long as it is T-tack compatible. You can easily move it in different areas of your workshop for it has lightweight features.

Festool (574930) HEPA Dust Extractor

Festool 574930

This dust extractor will surely fit your workshop for its compact and lightweight design. It ensures portability that you can easily move it from any area of the workshop. With the high suction capabilities of this dust extractor, anyone can be ensured that it delivers high performance, specifically on sucking dust particles and microbes in the air.

This dust extractor that comes with the sustainer is connected with the sys-dock through its t-lock. It has an air volume of 137 CFM, which is perfect, especially if you have a tight space. The swiveling caster wheels make this dust extractor very mobile. You can definitely make use of this dust extractor for optimum advantage.

Bosch VAC090AH 9-Gal Dust Extractor with HEPA Filter and Auto Filter Clean

Bosch VAC140AH dust extractor with auto filter clean and HEPA filter

There’s no disappointment when you have a dust extractor that delivers high efficiency, convenience, and maximum dust extraction at 150 CFM air volume.  This air volume power volume definitely takes tough jobs in your workshop or job site since it can do dust extraction in surface grinding and such. It features automatic cleaning on its filter for optimum suction power. At a 15-second interval, you are guaranteed of clean filter and superb performance in capturing particles of about 99.97%.

You have a piece of worry-free equipment. It comes equipped with automatic filter cleaning and a filter bag made of fleece to ensure the debris and dust collected remain contained until disposal. It also complies with OSHA and is highly compatible with power tools for a number of applications. Easy switching and turning the vacuum mode on or off.

With this Bosch dust extractor, you can have sustained suction power and strong airflow for seamless dust extraction.

Pulse-Bac Dust Extractor

Pulse-Bac 550H Dust Extractor

Having this dust extractor will surely give you a high level of convenience for it to have an automatic function. The HEPA filter has a single-stage filtration and is designed with the most durable construction materials to withstand extensive use and a long life span.

It is conveniently designed to require no blowers, compressors, shakers, or buttons. It is perfect for your small workshop for it is good for hand grinders, miter saws, and job sites. Maintaining a dust-free ambiance in your workshop is definitely easy, especially when you have a compact design dust extractor in your workshop.

The filter’s efficiency of suctioning .3 micron particles at a 99.97% rate is consistent and reliable. While it collects dust and debris consistently, the filter remains clean and without leaks with its self-cleaning feature. You only need to power it on, and the rest is handled for you by this portable dust extractor.

Oneida Air Systems Super Dust Deputy

Oneida Air Systems Super Dust Deputy

Getting rid of the dust in the workshop entails a tough job, but Oneida Air Systems makes it easier for you to effectively get rid of the different types of dust, such as wet and dry dust. You can definitely depend on this amazing dust extractor to do the tough job, for it has easier waste disposal. It also prevents dust from penetrating the filter. Its system of filter cleaning that has a few drop-offs will surely save a lot of money and time.

It has user-friendly operation features that have a cyclonic separator. You can easily store it in your workshop for it has a compact design. You can be assured of its mobility, for it has smooth wheels.

Bosch 17-Gal/300-CFM Dust Extractor with HEPA Filter and Auto Filter Clean

BOSCH GAS20-17AH 17-Gallon 300-CFM Dust Extractor with Auto Filter Clean and HEPA Filter

The 300-CFM Bosch Dust Extractor delivers unprecedented performance of CFM rate. Part of this product is a trademarked feature of Bosch PRO+GUARD™ that highly helps its users move on the road to compliance with OSHA Silica dust. It features an impressive air-flow capability of 300-CFM. You can always expect high-performance CFM features from the manufacturer to deliver maximum extraction of dust even on heavy-duty applications such as concrete construction.

The 17.5 Amp powerful motor is sure to deliver solid extraction performance even for extensive commercial applications. It also features an automatic filter cleaning that promises to clean your filter with consistent suction power at a 15-seconds interval. As for the filter bag, it comes equipped with a 3-layered, heavy-duty one. It collects dust and the filter that is protected against abrasive materials and provides maximum containment for the extracted debris and dry dust.

You can operate this product wet or dry, including a drain hose and sensor on water levels. The automatic feature of this sensor ensures water overfilling is prevented, while the hose makes drainage easy and less messy. You can be sure about 99.97 percent of large particles, or about 0.3-micron particles, are captured with its HEPA filter.

When it comes to its construction, this 300-CFM Bosch Dust Extractor is constructed using metal castors to provide optimum durability to endure any job site demands. The ease of transport, and the convenience of emptying, combined with reliable stability, are expected with its metal frame with wheels and its unique dumping mechanism. Worry not about its mobility on the job site and storage since it comes with a push handle for easy folding.


Finding the best dust extractors for small workshops is not as hard as you think. With this guide, you can find the right one suitable for your needs and requirements. Be sure to browse first so you can buy the dust extractor that will help you work on wide coverage applications, provide great convenience and ease of use, and have the durability to last you a long time.