Is Welding Fume a Carcinogen?

When a metal is heated above the boiling point, fumes are formed. They are a mixture of fluorides, metallic oxides, silicates, and other harmful contaminants. 

With countless studies, welding fumes are considered carcinogenic. In the 1970s, they were believed to Read More

Can Welding Fumes Cause Cancer?

There are hundreds of thousands of welders in the US. The employment market is also projected to grow up to 5.6% in 2026, according to experts. 

Currently, welding as a profession has a high demand. Various sectors, including structural metals, Read More

What is Welding Fume Exposure?

Exposure to welding fumes

In welding, two materials are joined together by melting a metal workpiece and a filler. As a result, a strong joint is formed. However, the welding process causes visible smoke production that contains hazardous gas by-products and metal fumes. Anyone … Read More

What Is Welding Fume?

Welder dealing with fumes

Welding fume is a complex mixture of silicates, metallic oxides, and fluorides. It contains particles from the material and electrode being welded. It is a fact that welding is among the common industrial processes today. Unfortunately, it can produce welding Read More

How Welding Fume Extractors Work

How welding fume extractors work

Welding fume is a dangerous substance that can cause serious respiratory problems. In the US alone, 200,000 welders are exposed to it every day, and many of them suffer from lung and respiratory diseases. That’s why welders are sometimes required Read More