Dust Extractor vs Shop Vac: Which is Best?

Dust extractor vs Shop Vac

It is very important to have a proper system of dust collection in workshops or industrial settings. The dust being produced may be a cause of fire hazard, especially if there is some excessive heat or something that may cause sparks once started to contact enormously flammable dust particles or materials. Aside from that, airborne sawdust may get into the lungs of the workers in the industries, which would cause respiratory problems.

However, it is also crucial to remember that even though you have an effective system for dust collection in your business industry, it is still essential to use some PPE or Personal Protective Equipment such as masks with good respirators. These pieces of equipment will also make sure to have a good health status when working inside the factory since you can have a guarantee that you will not breathe any harmful gasses, dirt, or dust from the air surface.

Generally, there are several ways how you can manage wood debris, sawdust, and other harmful particles or gasses from the air surface. Some of the tools that you can use in the factory or industry are dust extractors and shop Vacs. These two types of cleaning tools have their own advantages and disadvantages to the users and the company itself. These things will be discussed thoroughly in the succeeding discussions. Furthermore, one of the means of managing debris and residual sawdust is not a blanket remedy for the power tool which you possess. One specific system performs better over others depending on the residue sizes.

What is a Dust Extractor?

Dust extractors are tools that have similar functions to dust collectors. However, there are still differences between those two specific tools. The first difference which you may notice about dust extractors is that they are portable, just like a shop vac. With this great attribute, you have the chance to transfer the equipment based on the place where you will use them for good. Besides that, you can easily attach these tools to whatever stationary or portable power tool you are using for working processes.

Aside from their portability, these dust extractors contain effective filters for air. You may add any type of air filter on your dust extractor, which can filter small particles from the air surface, wherein you cannot do this thing using a stationary type of dust collector. Unlike shop vacs, dust extractors are highly designed for collecting debris and sawdust, which filter the air inside your shop. Moreover, dust extractors are best for full-time collecting of dust particles on power tools and filtrating air to have cleaner air in the environment.

What is a Shop Vac?

Shop-Vac, which is commonly known as dry/wet vac, is a type of vacuum that is good for heavy-duty purposes. It is also designed for rigorous activity in the shop or in any industry.

The motors of shop vacs create a higher suction level that travels through the narrow hose. Then, this creates focused path suction, which can make it easy to work on concentrated messes. The majority of the power tools contain ports so that users can directly hook the equipment prior to reaching the air surface or the floor of the shop.

Most of shop vacuums utilize a one-stage entire system, wherein both small and large particles are being sucked into a similar collection canister. It is also usual for the shop vacuum motor to swamp down due to the particles that enter the shop vac motor.

Aside from collecting dust and dirt from the air surface, the shop vac also functions just like a regular vacuum. In fact, you can make use of this shop vacuum to manage any mess, which is common for the woodshop. This type of vacuum is perfect to be used for both wet and dry areas. This is also portable and handy if you will use it in floods or any water spill.

Differences Between a Shop Vac and a Dust Extractor

Are you wondering about the differences between a shop vac and a dust extractor? If you have that in your mind, then you’re in the right place. If you are one of those people who want to have a perfect cleaning touch to houses and property, then it is indeed essential for you to understand well about the equipment or tool which you’re using.

With a vivid understanding of specific tools to be used for your chores, you will find it easier to use and operate the tools based on their purpose. Aside from that, you can also take care of the tools that you have. Moreover, you will surely enjoy using the tool since it provides a longer lifespan, which is said to be a good investment for your money.

If you are eager to know the main differences between these two specific tools – dust extractors and shop vacs – then you may take a glimpse at the following lists:

  • Variety – Unlike a shop vacuum, which comes in a single type of model-fit design, a dust extractor provides two kinds for its function. There’s a so-called dust extractor that is a single-stage which is perfect for small shops. There’s also a two-stage type of cyclone dust extractor, which is good for powerful and heavy filtration capacity.
  • Air cleaning – Dust extractors are perfectly designed for cleaning the air in your place so that you cannot breathe any dust or dirt from the surroundings. These also help you to prevent some possible problems that would risk your lungs by eliminating harmful particles, which shop vacuums cannot do.
  • Range – Shop vacuum can be utilized in cleaning a wide range of materials that are not related to wood like water and some pieces of broken glass. On the other hand, dust extractors cannot do this task. Instead, a dust extractor is limited to cleaning dust only and some wood-related materials like sawdust.
  • Capacity – A specific type of dust extractor is highly-designed for cleaning up tiny particles of debris and dust, which is said to be the main difference from a shop vac. This tool can clean vast areas of dirt and dust faster than a shop vac system that only has limited capability to work in a large space at a time.
  • Efficiency – The majority of heavy woodworkers utilize dust extractors to clean their workspaces to eliminate the dust particles present in their area. It is because this type of cleaning tool is said to be the most operative way of handling this kind of cleaning procedure. This is not similar to the shop vacuum that is utilized for some light cleaning touches and for sawdust and specific sizes of wood chips.
  • Compartments – Numerous types of dust extractors come in two compartments, while shop vacuums have only one compartment where the dirt and dust are placed. The two compartments of dust extractors are utilized to filter and separate dust and debris. These also help you to have a better experience in using the tool with great efficiency. Using dust extractors can also help you clean some specific areas for a better and longer duration.

These things that were mentioned above are the main differences between dust extractors and shop vacs. With those comparisons and well-explained advantages and disadvantages, you can decide whether you will use a shop vac or a dust extractor depending on your purpose.