Best Dust Extractors for Home Use

Having a dust-free home is the best way to start the day, for you are assured that you will not be contacting any airborne allergens, pollutants brought by the tiny dust particles that may trigger some health issues specifically on your respiratory system. With the Pandemic Covid, 19, and other virus variants lurking around, it’s necessary to keep our respiratory system healthy.

When picking your dust extractor for your home, there are things that should be considered, such as the volume of waste or dust. Obviously, the amount or volume of waste must be the focal point when choosing the best product for dust extraction. Every dust extractor has different capabilities but does not fret, for there are dust extractors that are designed for your home.

Getting of the waste is as equally important as the extraction itself, and that you should deal with it squarely. Do not stash a huge amount of money for a system that will not help you get rid of the waste. You need to remove the waste after the extraction safely. Devise a system that will perfectly blend into the working environment of your workshop.

After having those things in mind, let us take a glimpse of the different types of dust extraction equipment dominating the market and were tested to be efficient and suited for your home.

Oneida Air Systems Dust Deputy Deluxe Separator

Getting rid of the dust and tiny particles of debris can be effectively be done through the use of this dust extractor. It is capable of removing dust may it be dry or wet dust. Due to its efficiency, you can save both of your money and cleaning time for it features hassle-free waste disposal.

You will surely love having this equipment around your house, for it features a tapered post and a portable design. With its wheels, it will allow you to easily move it around the house while doing the household cleaning chores. Its filter cleaner keeps minimal drop-offs that will ensure minimal function loss. Part of its operation features is the dust deputy cyclonic separator.

Bosch Dust Extractor with HEPA Filter

This dust extractor has exceptional performance for it features an end-to-end dust collection. It is capable of sucking dust particles with its HEPA filter. It can absorb particles of a minimum of 0.3 microns. It can definitely cope up with the job, for it features a capacity of 14 gallons.

With an air volume of 150 CFM, it can provide a maximum airflow that ensures effective suction. You can use it with effortlessness because it features an automatic function and is compatible with any powerful activation.

For every 15 seconds, the “king” automatically cleans up, and it is awesome that it features a filter bag that ensures protection to the filter for its optimal repression. You can enjoy moving it around for its smooth-rolling wheels.

It is one of these dust extractors in the market that is an OSHO compliant product and provides an end-to-end dust collection system for superior performance.

Festool MIDI HEPA Dust Extractor

You will surely love to have this dust extractor, for it features a compact design and lightweight features while delivering a powerful; performance with its maximum suction capabilities. You can definitely have a home that is dust-free with this dust extractor, for it features a smooth suction hose that ensures cost-efficient performance. It features an optimized sys-dock with a cardholder. It is capable of connecting this dust extractor to the sustainer through the t-lock.

This is perfect for your home for it is suitable for cleaning dust and dirt of small to medium volumes. It has superb mobility, for it comes equipped with towing wheels that make it perfect for home use. For better convenience, you may have an additional air compressor or have it retrofitted with Bluetooth remote control.

It is economical and practical, and you will not use any tool to replace the filter bag. It is also good to know that it features a HEPA certification.

 GAS18V-3N 18V 1.6 gallon Vacuum Bare Tool

It features a sleek vacuum design that ensures a sustained suction due to the special feature of the vacuum canister. It features powerful suction and a HEPA filter in a light 18-volt tool. It is cordless and has a rotational airflow technology that delivers 51 CFM (Cubic feet per minute). It efficiently operates up to four minutes per battery amp hour.

It is economical for the HEPA filter to be washable, and it is capable of capturing around 99.9% of particles at 0.3 microns.


You will enjoy using this hassle-free equipment, for you can activate this dust extractor through the use of remote control. It is a wireless tool that is controllable through the use of remote control of which you can activate even at a distance. A programmed filter cleaning mechanism ensures a powerful suction, and the HEPA filter had made it more efficient.


Pulse-Bac’s Dust Extractor


Dust particles in the household may be unsightly and be unsanitary, specifically that these dust particles may trigger allergens. Getting rid of this dust can be conveniently done through the use of this dust extractor with its automatic function. With the automatic function, it will surely make the job convenient and easier.


Everything is just a matter of a click of using this equipment, for you will just have to switch its power on, and everything will be done by the machine. It is capable of efficiently capturing dust particles and thereby saving time and money. It features a single-stage, HEPA filtration, plus it features a fractional filter efficiency.


The design is functional and convenient and does not even require buttons, blowers, shakers, and compressors.  This one features automatic functions for superb convenience. Simply turn its power on and it will do the dusting for you. This dust extractor traps the dust easily, allowing users to ultimately save money in the long run. Additionally, this features HEPA filtration in single-stage and comes equipped with fractional filter efficiency.


0.3 microns dust particles can be effectively captured by this equipment with its featured self-cleaning technology. The eight galloons steel tank includes unique cyclonic debris management.

Buying Guide for Dust Extractors

With numerous dust extractors in the market, you might be confused about picking the right dust extractor that is suitable for your home. This simple guide may help you make up your mind.


This dust extractor that you must pick has the functionality that meets your requirements. The functionality entirely depends on the size and air volume. There is no need for you to choose equipment that has 600 or more CFM, for it is already for industrial use in household use. A lower CFM has the capability that is suitable for your home. But of course, it is entirely dependent on the volume of waste or dust. Remember, each house is different from one another, especially in terms of waste and dust production.


You can check the efficiency of this dust extractor through its materials. Better check its parts and materials such as its filters. You must be guided that having a HEPA filter will mean a higher efficiency in sucking dust particles and microbes.