Top Rated 3D Printer Fume Extractors

3D Printing Fume Extraction

With the availability and popularity of three-dimensional printers growing to a greater extent, home office and big business professionals alike utilize these types of printers to make a never-ending possibility of 3D replicated items. As with new technologies and a manufacturing process, the excitement might outshine vital health and safety-related precautions. Like for instance, researches have shown that UFP or Ultrafine Particles are produced from this printer during operation. This takes place when the filament is heated prior to being laid down into a thin layer. The feedstock filament is compromised by many components, including acrylonitrile, polylactic acid, and butadiene styrene.

The UFP is invisible to the naked eye, and it is essential to use a tool that traps as well as eliminates these damaging particles. Once inhaled, there’s a likelihood that these will go to your lungs as well as respiratory airways that can lead to various medical issues.

Kulannder Handy Carry Solder Smoker Absorber Remover Fume Extractor

This is one of the best 3D printer fume extractors on the market. Aside from being powerful, it is also mobile, and you can carry it with ease.

It is tough and durable as it is made of a very sturdy aluminum alloy material. It offers a long-lasting operating time of more than 50,000 hours. It is also integrated with a filter that’s carbon activated where replacement is easy. This is ideal not just for 3D printing but also for other jobs such as crafts and arts, electronics, stained glass, and a whole lot more.


  • This is a very powerful fume extractor designed for 3D printing
  • Low noise so it will not disturb your loved ones
  • Integrated with filter activated with carbon
  • Absorb fumes, smoke as well as moisture air
  • It comes with a replaceable filter
  • Tough aluminum body
  • Utilize as a cooling fan
  • Best result in 20cm distance


  • Not ideal to utilize over 20cm distance
  • Can’t use over 24 hours constantly

1000l Adjustable Solder Smoke Absorber Remover Fume Extractor 

This is one of the best fume extractors for 3D printing with a highly efficient 1000L/min brushless fan with high airflow for eliminating the fume at the same time offering lots of better air circulation. It is also integrated with activated carbon as well as special foam for absorbing harmful toxins produced when 3D printing, giving you a safer working condition. It is also integrated with an absorbing angle that’s fully adjustable, ideal for a DIY 3D printing job. This is tough as it is manufactured from a unique antistatic material, offering safe discharge. It comes with a handle so you can carry it with ease to any place you want. It is also lightweight and can be easily moved. It has various uses such as ideal for eliminating odor from paint, smoke, nails paint, etc.; efficiently.


  • Fast replaceable filter
  • Low noise
  • Adjustable angle
  • A robust antistatic material body
  • Active charcoal filter
  • Absorb smoke, damaging fumes as well as moisture water.


  • You cannot use this for longer hours
  • The level of airflow is lower

Hakko FA-400

Breathe easily and comfortably with this fume extractor from Hakko. State-of-the-art FA-400 gets rid of fumes, and smoke produced when doing 3D printing quickly, efficiently as well as safely. You can utilize this product in a standing up or vertical position or lay down, or low profile position. When you use it in a low profile position, airflow and efficiency are improved by about 2.6 times.

It has an ESD-safe design as well as made of high-quality ESD-safe components. It is also integrated with an activated carbon filter with more than 8g of extremely activated carbon. Easy and quick replacement of the filter is also one of the selling points of this remarkable fume extractor.


  • Made of high-quality ESD material
  • ESD-safe design
  • You can use it in horizontal and vertical mode
  • 2 ½ time improved airflow
  • Use high concentration activated carbon filter
  • Quick replacement filter
  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly


  • A little bit loud when using
  • The plastic body is bulky

 Xytronic 426DLX

If you search for a 3D printing fume extractor that will get the task done and give considerable perks like user-friendly, we highly recommend the Xytroic 426DLX. 3D printing jobs lead to the generation of smoke or fumes that might contain harmful and damaging substances.

Eradication of fume is very important for you and the safety of your loved ones or the security of those involved. So, in this case, you can rely on this extractor. This product comes with a lower-temp rating of 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 260 degrees Celsius, and it is relatively lightweight and compact. It has a thickness of one inch that is relatively convenient for users who wish to keep away from heavy-duty and bulky machines. With regards to operation and power, this one has 20W together with a voltage of 120. It comes with a cord.

This state-of-the-art fume extractor is also integrated with low noise, high-efficiency brushless mini fan. It is also integrated with an activated, easy-to-replace carbon filter. The carbon filter efficiently absorbs noxious flux as well as lead fumes. It instantly eliminates fumes as well as smoke.


  • The body is made of heavy metal
  • It has three spare filters
  • Superb suction results
  • Low noise
  • The filter replacement is easy
  • It comes with charcoal filters


  • A little bit of noise when using
  • Have to keep to the working area

Kulander Smoke Absorber 01 

This is one of the best fume extractors for 3D printing jobs. Apart from the rest, it is integrated with state-of-the-art features and is perfect for small 3D printing works. This is a very reliable 3D printing fume extractor available. It delivers amazing performance even if you put it a bit far away. Made of solid aluminum alloy, this soldering fume extractor is able to last for many years of use without showing any indications of degradation.


  • Simple but very efficient design
  • Sturdy
  • Low noise operation
  • It fits in any place with no inconvenience


  • Filters are not great